The Bookrema Vision

A learning environment that attracts foreign students and also bring back the hunger to sturdy in
our country. First we build the online platforms then take it a step further, to offline
infrastructures like standard libraries across the country and so much more.
Our Projects

What we have built

Work Process

How our system works

Outlined below shows our process of selecting new projects and how you can
participate or contribute to the process.

Problem Identification

We identify the problem that needs solving by careful observations, structured surveys and feature request by students.

Research & Brainstorm

At this stage we determine the design and necessary features with the help of the students.

Design & Development

The actual mockup and preliminary design phases which is followed by active development.

Test & Release

Alpha & Beta Releases. Bug fixes and tweaks till the project becomes stable.

Feedback & Updates

We work on your feedbacks on bugs, new features and enhancements etc. and update the projects.
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